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GAY e shop classical online advertising server, but as a guide for shopping. Gay shop wants to offer goods, but not to make the sale. We only recommend buying products. And say why that is the appropriate thing to buy and use.

Thus there is space for customers among gays and lesbians.
On the other hand, there is also the opportunity to present their goods, products and services for companies and entrepreneurs who want to take them on in the world of homosexuals known.


29/08/2013 16:28
A Russian artist said Thursday he has fled to France and is applying for asylum after police seized his painting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in women's...
28/08/2013 11:03
The churches of St Nicholas and St Luke's in the Montenegrin coastal town of Kotor were closed from 1pm to 5pm on Monday, as a group of 2,500 gays from all over the world visited Kotor on a...
22/08/2013 17:50
The actor has snubbed a Russian film festival in protest at anti-gay laws. What do you make of his mode of coming out? The actor Wentworth Miller has declined an invitation to the St Petersburg...
17/08/2013 10:39
Romantic scenery, posh resorts, and tolerant policies make these destinations the perfect match for the growing number of gay honeymooners. After Jeffrey Ward and his husband married in Canada, they...
12/08/2013 18:08
Young homosexuals faced with hatred and rejection in Russia turn to closed internet forum Deti-404 for support. Only one person knew that Svetlana was gay when she wrote to Deti-404, a Russian...
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