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GAY e shop classical online advertising server, but as a guide for shopping. Gay shop wants to offer goods, but not to make the sale. We only recommend buying products. And say why that is the appropriate thing to buy and use.

Thus there is space for customers among gays and lesbians.
On the other hand, there is also the opportunity to present their goods, products and services for companies and entrepreneurs who want to take them on in the world of homosexuals known.


30/05/2013 14:33
Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau become first same-sex couple to marry in France. The two grooms wore matching black suits, one in a tie, one in a bowtie, and walked up the aisle holding hands to the...
20/05/2013 23:20
General assembly votes to allow congregations to admit gay ministers but only if they specifically elect to do so. The Church of Scotland, the country's largest Protestant church, has narrowly voted...
14/05/2013 18:03
Majority of Washington voters approve Referendum 74, upholding the freedom to marry law passed by the legislature. Washington has become the third state to endorse same sex marriage, delivering a...
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